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Growing-up Pains

Growing-up Pains

1.Did you ever quarrel with your parents as a teenager? If yes, what and who started it?
2. What do you think a good relationship between children and parents should be like and why do you think so?
3.Do you agree with the proverb:”East or west, home is the best.”? Is home a best place for a teenager? Explain.
4.When do you most miss your home and your parensts.
5.If you were a parent, what would you do if your children refused to take your advice,which you thought was best for them?

While we’re still children,most of us live at home with our parents more or less peacefully,but as we become teenagers,things change, and we all know the sort of difficulties we are likely to have.
What is called the gap between generations we all have to conquer.As we were no more one little kid, we become self-righteous and ignore other’s opinion especially from our parents. One day we may reflect on our past, we regret, mostly it was not too late. However, it’s not always for everyone to have that luck.So why not avail the limited time doing something goodness to your parents so as not to be late when you come to yourself.
Maybe you are already an adult and you have fufilled your duties as a son or daughter, but did you ever really consider what they want on earth. Sometimes they just want to see you more than receiving large number of money. They prefer to talk to you much more than accompanying with several servants.I know it’s not my place to advise you how to deal with relationhips with your parents, but all I said is from the bottom of my heart.
I am a twenty two year old young man, and I seldom express my feeling to my parents.Perhaps Chinese are always too shy to orally express their love. Recalling my past, I had some arguments with my parents but barely remember for what reasons. I didn’t regret because I didn’t feel like making mistakes.The most important point is that I never make mistake which relates to principles.My parents are thoughtful and caring people, so I always feel gratitude growing up in such a pleasant family.
No matter what kind of family you live, you should always cherish how much pain and hardship they pay for you

The proverb: East or west, home is the best is surely right .the love betwween our parents and us doesn’t be connected with blood raletionship merely,but better than these .
people overseas , leaving hometown to deveolp themselves may feel lonely and recalled many details their got along with their parents .At this time a myriad twinkling lights of a city is yearned for by us .though we sometimes behave immaturely,we will quarrel with them because of trivial matters.we still need to cherish time accompanying them。
everyone as a children must go through a detour ,what we can do is to end this period earlier . then we will understand the true love deeply

From a child to an adult, I was always considered to be an honest, frank and sensible one in my parents’ mind. Both my parents and grandparents all were simple farmers, they lived in the remote countryside for generations; all long their lives were poor and closed as most of people were in my village, and my parents never demanded too much of me and my brothers. So, I hardly quarreled with them, but I often fought and brawled with my elder brother who was used to force or cheat me to do the housework of his responsibility in my childhood. Hah, it was a how interesting experience with my growing-up.
I was in a big family, including my two brothers and a little sister, and I was the second child in my family. When I was a boy, I never paid conscious attention to the relationship with my parent because all my brothers and sister were treated alike by my parents. We seldom felt lonesome or unfair; usually the relationship between children in a family more favored the growth of child than the relationship between children and parents. But in the times of my middle school, sometimes I ever felt that my parents were so poor and unable to do anything, but only farming; I thought they were so vulgar and unadmired. But in my college times, I more and more felt proud: my parents were so great and self-giving for their four children.
Perhaps, the relation between parent and children may be like friends, teacher and student, the superior and the subordinate, or others. But I think the most important point must be effective communication between parents and children when the children have been teenagers. If a parent wants his children to do something, he should frankly tell his children the reason and the intention, for example, why to do it, why by this way, the priority and difference by other ways, etc. When children are a teenager or older, usually they think they have been independent and thoughtful persons, they long to be considered as highly valued, like to be recognized and praised, and greatly hate to be forced to do something but be told nothing.
So, in my mind, exchanging ideas always is the best way to solve the interpersonal problems, especially between parents and children.
At last, if you still are in childhood, please know all the parents of the world are great, and children are not to be blamed for the faults of their parents; if you have been a parent, please know all the children of the world are cute and potential, they have the same capacity for growth and development as a great person, what you shoud do maybe just open the lid but don’t break the vessel

there was an American TV drama program called “growing pain” which prevailed several years ago. the several kids are all messed up by their teenager life. the relationship between brothers,sisters, parents and lovers seens always the mainstream of the drama.
now looking back on my days of highschool, it was really tough for me to cover. I remembered clearly the emotions that lectured by parents and teachers. I was easy to be enraged and very emotional to deal with eldership’s advices. All I wanted is to be free and be myself. so I fancy prevailing suits and make fashionable hair style. and I thought the spirit of youth is: trying verything new, keeping mind open, and making your own style.
time goes by, the cynical engergy is fading away. the things we have done some time appear in our mind, we just smile for our juvenal and immatural records, its nobody’s fault. that’s a part of life. I never regret I was ever young

Growing Pains
Well, as a teenager, I believe we all have growing pains. Reasons are divided: talktive parents, a boyfiend who won’t love you any longer, a perfect friend who attract all the attention…
But one thing we bear in mind is that if there’re no parents, we even don’t have the right to live and to experence those essencial things though they seem not that good. Being thankful must come first. Though sometimes it seems that our parents are not that in, even occassionally, they are out. Out of fashion, time….everything. It’s not the right time to try to get rid of them no matter physically or mentally. Instead, we should be patient, just as the way they were when we were young.
I often talk a lot about the “in” things before my parents in order to make the generation gap smaller. Guess what? I really did. And because of this our relationship are more like friends. There’s no wonder that is the best one between parents and children. Then whatever troubles I come into in my life, I will tell them and they never criticize the things I did but just stay by my side and encourage me, like friends…